Why Professional Teeth Whitening Is the Best Way to Whiten Teeth

Why Professional Teeth Whitening Is the Best Way to Whiten Teeth

February 1, 2022

Most people desire to have a dazzling smile. For this reason, you will find tons of different teeth whitening products in the market to meet the growing demand rightfully so, because more people are beginning to understand the importance of teeth whitening near you, even beyond good aesthetics.

If you have stained teeth, you know how frustrating it is to live with this issue. Socializing becomes a nightmare since confidence levels plummet, and you will not really fancy the thought of flashing your smile to friends and colleagues.This is why our dentist in Clearwater does professional teeth whitening.

On the other hand, the influx of teeth whitening treatments means that most people may decide to go the DIY route. However, countless people get disappointed with their purchases for one reason or another.

In any case, let us peer into why professional teeth whitening is the best way to go.

  • Improved Oral Health

Before you undergo teeth whitening, our dentist in Clearwater will have to deal with dental issues such as cavities and gum disease. Teeth whitening is always the icing on the cake. It is what crowns a healthy smile.

Good dental practices always transcend the daily habits of brushing and flossing your teeth after meals. You need to visit our dentist often to ensure that your oral health stays on point.

So, scheduling a teeth whitening session with our dentist will also double-up as a regular dental checkup. This means that our dentist will get the opportunity to check on the state of your overall oral health then whiten your teeth.

Therefore, our dentist will deal with your oral health and dental aesthetics within a single visit. You will not get the chance to have a healthier smile when you do it yourself.

  • Customized Treatment

If you go for the teeth whitening products available in your local store, you will get a general or one-size-fits-all treatment. This can be hectic and even a headache to find the proper treatment that will work for you. For instance, you might decide to get whitening strips, and when you try them out, you find that they are ill-fitting, which leads to uneven teeth whitening.

On the other hand, if you come to our office for teeth whitening, our dentist will take time to look at your teeth, find out what kind of stains you have, checkout the health of your gums, inquire about your preferences and expectations, etc. Then the information that our dentist gathers will be used to create a customized treatment plan.

Even though you decide to do it yourself at the comfort of your home, our dentist will customize trays that will be a perfect fit for your teeth. This will ensure that you will get consistent or uniform results, unlike the whitening products that you will get in your local store.

  • Expertly Executed

When you go to the store and pick a bleaching product, you may not have all the information concerning the product and how to get the best results. The limited amount of knowledge may interfere with the outcome.

But if you choose to get whitening done by our dentist, you will have someone who is an expert in the field and has the necessary experience to ensure that your teeth are whitened correctly.

Knowing the different kinds of stains is essential since our dentist will know which method to use to get the desired results. Our dentist will ensure that your smile will be revamped at the end of the session.

  • Guaranteed Results

If you have used teeth whitening products from your local store, you know that they never really deliver what they advertised. You might follow all the instructions and still not get the desired outcome.

This is because these products need to be reapplied over some time for you to begin to see changes. But, if our dentist in Clearwater whitens your teeth, there will be a visible change after your whitening session. Plus, you will receive expert tips on how to maintain your white smile.

  • Safety

The whitening gels are not meant to be applied to the gums since they can damage them. Additionally, teeth whitening can cause tooth sensitivity in some patients.

These are issues that our dentist factors and puts measures into place to ensure that your gums are safe and there is less tooth sensitivity. You might even receive a fluoride treatment to help deal with tooth sensitivity.

Are you convinced that professional teeth whitening is the way to go? If you are, call us today at Sunset Point Dental to schedule an appointment.

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