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Dental Imaging in Clearwater, Fl

If you suffer from dental issues like decay, cavities, or impacted teeth, it’s essential to get the problem diagnosed and treated at the earliest. Dental imaging is beneficial in detecting decay, cavities, and bone loss early on. When you visit Sunset Point Dental for a consultation, Dr. Bandeira may take digital x-rays to help create a targeted dental treatment plan for your needs.

Please call our trained dentist near you for information on diagnostics, treatments, and after-care.

What Is Dental Imaging?

Dental Imaging in Clearwater, FL, helps the dentist observe jaw placement, the condition of your teeth as well as facial bone composition. X-rays also reveal defects in the dental structure, infections, cavities, benign and malignant masses in the oral cavity. Also, unlike other medical x-rays, dental imaging procedures are associated with negligible radiation levels and are considered extremely safe for most patients.

Dental imaging results are available instantly, unlike other medical x-rays, which may take some time to process. If you have any queries about dental treatments or diagnostic x-rays, please contact Sunset Point Dental today.

What Type of Problems Are Detected by Dental Imaging Technology?

Dental imaging near you helps our dentist in Clearwater, FL, detect the following problems:

  • Hidden areas of decay between teeth
  • Tooth decay that has formed underneath fillings, crowns, or bridges
  • Bone loss and abnormalities
  • Position and condition of teeth for planning orthodontic procedures like dentures, and braces
  • Tumors and cysts in the oral cavity
  • Abscesses that form between the gums and the tooth (they are usually found at the tooth roots)

Dental x-rays for children are useful in revealing decay, cavities, and impacted teeth. Dental images can also be used to examine if there is enough space in the gums for permanent teeth to erupt. Dr. Bandeira provides a comprehensive range of treatment options for patients of all ages.

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