How Can Dental Imaging Improve Your Oral Health?

How Can Dental Imaging Improve Your Oral Health?

March 1, 2023

Dental imaging is vital during dental checkups and examinations. They are detailed images of your teeth, jaw, and soft tissues.Digital dental X-rays will provide a better understanding of overall oral health and enables the dentist to make an accurate diagnosis of the infection. Sunset Point Dental is committed to providing quality dental services using the best technology.

The Purpose of Dental Imaging

The purpose of dental X-rays is to diagnose dental issues. In addition, dentists use the results from X-rays to pinpoint symptoms of infections before they become evident. This enables early management and treatment of these issues before becoming worse.

X-rays also provide images of your mouth parts that a dentist can’t see with the naked eye. They create a vivid picture of your healthy and infected soft tissues.Dentists can use the image to diagnose dental issues such as decay, gum disease, and other dental complications.

Dental X-ray scan show the following:

  • Decay fillings
  • Tiny areas of decay between the teeth
  • Bone loss on the jaws caused by periodontal disease
  • Cysts and other types of tumors
  • Abscesses
  • It can show the position of your teeth and determine the type of implant, dentures, or braces required.

What to Expect During Dental Imaging Process

Have you been recommended a dental X-ray and are curious about what to expect? Dental X-rays don’t need any special preparation other than brushing and flossing your teeth before the appointment. This will create a hygienic environment for the experts working around your mouth. Next, the dentist will direct you on where to sit.The procedure begins with the dentist placing a small sensor inside your, which you will find more comfortable than the conventional paper tabs that cause discomfort.

The sensor is connected to a computer that captures high-resolution and detailed pictures of your mouth. The images are sent to the computer, and the patient and the dentist can see them and gain more insight into the patient’s issues.

In addition to doing intraoral radiograph imaging, the dentist will also do extraoral imaging. The extraoral imaging process will be done using a digital panoramic X-ray that will be rotated around your head.The whole process will be done under the supervision of a team of qualified professional dentists. Other types of dental X-rays include:

  • Biteways X-rays. X-rays are done to examine and locate signs of decay between the back teeth.
  • Periapical X-rays. This type of X-ray is used to focus on one or two teeth. Periapical X-rays provide a detailed picture of your teeth from the crown to the root. It is usually a follow-up done after you experience symptoms on a specific tooth.
  • Panoramic X-ray. This X-ray gives a detailed image of your entire mouth. It is used to identify abnormalities such as cysts, bone irregularities, and jaw disorders.

Contact our dental offices for any concerns about digital radiography/scanners.

Benefits Of Digital Dental X-rays

Here are reasons why you should consider dental imaging near you:

Reduced Radiation

Dental X-rays can capture several intra-oral images in a fraction of the time with less radiation. This enables dentists to give their patients a more detailed and comprehensive treatment plan with less radiation exposure.

Image Quality and Accuracy

The dentist uses the latest technology, which consists of a tiny sensor that captures your teeth and transfers them to the computer. The image transferred to the computer can be manipulated by either improving, enlarging, or presenting it as a negative to help identify the dental issues and develop a treatment plan. In addition, the image is enhanced without interference with the data.

Easy Access

These X-rays can be stored or shared with you electronically. They can also be sent electronically to relevant insurance companies to help speed up insurance claims.

Environmentally Friendly

Dental clinics produce a lot of hazardous X-ray fixers every year. Additionally, chemicals from traditional X-rays can be dangerous and cause respiratory issues and skin and eye irritations. Digital X-rays can be captured, producing chemicals that can harm our health and environment.


Our dentist in Clearwater, FL, is committed to providing customized dental treatments to our patients. If you are interested in learning more about the importance of dental imaging in dental treatment plans, visit our offices near you.

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